Thursday, June 22, 2017

SUMMERTIME, & the living is easy....

I'm just getting back from the Texas Hill Country, in Wimberley, where my
daughter lives with her family.

what a beautiful, relaxing place to be, however, it was HOT.

it's SUMMER !!!!

& because I've had serious interest expressed by my readers of our doing a
we are now ready to launch

will contain many items, all curated by me, chosen because they will appeal to almost

remember, this must be a "limited" edition
as I need to order quantities of each item included.
so, don't wait, we're already 1/4 SOLD

I posted some examples of contents last week, and now I've narrowed the down to
& who would disagree with Tina?  
So, photos of everything below

a blue/white long open-fronted caftan
this piece HAS ARRIVED IN STUDIO & ladies it is WONDERFUL,

blue/white scarf

cachecol sale freeshipping 2017 new scarf women beach shawl autumn and winter long period of bohemian wind cashew warm nation

necklace, earrings, bracelet to match above
in the blue colors

a blue/white linen table runner, picnic blanket, wall hanging


large canvas bag with rock-stud rivets for travel, shopping, etc.

set of natural bristle make-up brushes


small Imari-like perfume bottle with hanger for your closet or handbag
cannot show this, it's just too wonderful & I want you guys to have a surprise !!

bar glycerin hand-made soap
same with this item, a surprise

pouch of beautiful sea-salt bath salts, fragrance selected by me
this is going to be in a pretty little bag so the scent comes through,
highly giftable too.

as you can see the retail value far exceeds the $125.00

it will come to you in my beautiful white boxes
with the address labels created by me to carry the theme from the outside to the inside,
all beautifully packaged, and maybe a little sussie-gift for you.

last, but certainly not least, each one of you will receive a framable, 
original photograph taken by my world-famous commercial photographer son,
Steve Harris

the image, above,
taken by him in Puerto Vallarta with his drone camera...
really beautiful, I think !!

he shot the image last week, and I freaked out because I thought it was so wonderful.
he agreed to make enough prints for my SOLD BOXES,
all signed by him.

BOX   is  $125.00

to USA & Canada only
(unless my international readers wish to pay postage)
payment link is at the top of the left sidebar
delivery within the 1st couple weeks of July if not sooner.

thank you in advance for supporting me, reading my blog, and cheering me on.

I did find a lovely home in Wimberley, details to follow, IF the contract works out.
if not, there is a 13-acre place for sale down the road and Mama Bear
would really really like to have a goat, a baby lamb, more dogs...
a little Patina Farm in Texas ???


Friday, June 16, 2017

UPDATE on Purchases Made By My Readers

to access the merchandise now for sale please click on the PAGES ABOVE under the
black illustration of the lady in a hat.


I'm in Wimberley, Texas, in the hill country, where I'm staying longer than I thought as
my darling daughter is quite ill.
she has an auto-immune disease which is creeping up on her body, called
ankylosing spondylitis
there seem to be 100's of different medical opinions on this,
encouraged by naturalists.

anyway, the point is that I'll be home Monday where I'll find many many many boxes
of merchandise received.
All of it will be processed by the end of the day and shipped out on TUESDAY.


as I mentioned in the previous post 
I've been thinking about creating 
of beautiful, usable & wanted items

please see previous post by scrolling down

I've received some really positive input from you guys, but wanted to ask once again what you think about this idea?

would you purchase the BOX ?

@ $125.00 each

an example of what will be inside the box is shown on the
previous post.

please let me know what you think if you haven't already left a comment.

I'm in Wimberley, will be back in Houston on Sunday evening,
any merchandise received while I was away will be posted to you
on Monday !!

& have a great weekend !!!

(had a date on Wednesday evening, a non-event entirely.
sad. he said he was overwhelmed with my past experiences &
couldn't possibly live up to my expectations. WHEW!
if only he knew the trauma & tragedy I've overcome).


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Back to Italy - Dinner, Shopping in Rome

Merchandise Now Located on Clickable "PAGES" Above

Walking & Dining in Rome
+++ other possibilities for fun

above is a normal evening at the EDY RESTAURANT in Rome
this wonderful little place is hard to find, but it's so worth the trouble.
located down the little Alley Babuino
not expensive at all
thankfully, we all have GPS on our phones now.

and about walking....

in these old historical cities you must get off the beaten path,
that's why going the 2nd time is better...just take off walking with your travel companions,
my late husband hated doing this, but he was a good sport about it and as long as he could find a place to sit, read his news papers and have a glass of wine he was OK.

the photo above is a perfect example of what you might find just walking around,
and once you find it, you MUST know what's inside, right?


I've stayed at the hotel represented below:
Palazzo Dama Hotel

the dining room

the POOL - does anyone know how rare this is in a European city hotel?


the elegant and fun Raspoutine Bar on the lower level of the hotel

review follows, not by me, but from the famous British Chef & Author
Antonina Parker


From the minute you arrive at Palazzo Dama you’re awestruck by its beautiful interior design and met with wonderful service. For me, these are two of the most important factors when choosing a hotel for a holiday; here, I’m not disappointed. Straightaway the staff showed us to our room, an immaculate Junior Suite. I was particularly pleased to find Tyrrells crisps in the minibar and I loved the amazing coffee-table books that were scattered around throughout. The reading material was a great touch and I often found myself leafing through – you could tell that each tome in the collection had been carefully handpicked. Our bathroom was classic in style with cute little white tiles and I liked having a window, so you could peep to see the bustling streets of Rome and glimpse the city’s goings-on.

& now for a true jewel box of a tiny hotel in Rome,
rooms begin at $167/night

sleeping quarters are up the stairs.  Yeah.
go HERE to check out

you know, sometimes the 2nd visit is better than the 1st
because on the 1st you got all of the "must do" things
out of the way.

Rome is especially this way.
don't forget to walk, take a taxi or a driver to discover
little corners that will show you the real life of
a Roman.

the best part of all is that it is SO EASY TO GET TO
from Rome.

that is in the next post, my friends.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Flamingos, Flamingos, Flamingos

NOTE:  1st shipment of the STRAW HANDBAGS now here.
be shipped out to our clients by Friday!
they're beautiful & such a great value


Well, girls, I've completely fallen in LOVE

LOVE for the absolutely delightful, whimsical, pretty 

NOTE:  There are now individual PAGES on my blog for each category of merchandise.
you can click PILLOW COVERS ABOVE to see all of these once the blog posts 
a new subject.  doing this will make the merchandise easier to find once it's not on the front page
of the blog any longer. the pages STAY there.

all are 18" x 18"  with zipper
covers only, require a 16" x 16" insert

$15.00 EACH
I know !!!
this is wholesale price, believe me !!!

the 1st few pieces should be here any day now,
& I'm ready to re-order as I'm selling to small shops around Texas.

please understand, the photos are not as sharp as they should be as
I've enlarged them on the blog.

another thing to remember:
I've curated all of them myself so they work together as a grouping.

For me, this is one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to
re-create the entire look of a room.

payment link on left sidebar PILLOW COVERS
then use the drop-down menu to choose the Pillow # & quantity

if you purchase more than ONE we will combine shipping
& adjust your payment amount


I've been looking at these for a few days, and know I could add embellishments
(fringe, cording, etc.) or  could take them apart, add a border all around to make them larger.
any seamstress could do it, I think.

another factor to remember:
no matter where you look online or in stores
they're a really really good deal !!!










because there is ONLY room for 10 items on the PAY PAL drop down menu
the pillow covers below can be ordered by emailing me directly.




because I know I would want them,
I have SOLID COLOR coordinating pillow covers
almost any color you can imagine.

the two below are NOT Flamingos, 
but just too wonderful to leave out.
there is a whole collection of the
Perfume Bottle Pillows
all the same price

if interested in the 2 pillows below
please email me to let me know
we'll send you a PayPal invoice for them.


Next up, the following categories of PILLOW COVERS
shown below a little tiny sampling
again, all are curated by me, so that they will make 
beautiful groupings.


many many more to come, just showing  you a bit of what 
I have in mind



many more to come
but you'll get the idea from these